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Ready to grow your business and increase your revenue? With our smart solutions, managing your online presence and distribution strategy is simple.

We help hotels to manage their sales channels easily, boost their online visibility and increase bookings. So, you can spend your time creating memorable experiences for the guests we brought.

Content Manager
Content Manager Your property is at your fingertips. Store safely, manage wisely.

Thanks to our cloud-based content manager, you can store all your property information such as room types, property facilities and amenities, rates, photos, and meal plans in our cloud, reach and share anytime you need it.

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Network Manage not only online but also offline channels from a single platform.

More than a regular channel manager. Synchronize and automatize availability and rates on both online and offline channels. Stop wasting time and money manually updating all channels and start focusing on perfecting your offers and services instead.

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Offer Creator
Offer Creator Increase guest satisfaction with customized offers.

Create digital offers tailored to your guests' needs and offer them special deals. Let your guests enjoy the flexible group and corporate offers, enhance guest experience and reduce the abandonment rate.

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Website Builder Stand out from the crowd with an appealing website, attract more guests.

Save money on costly web development and get a mobile-friendly, professional website exclusively designed for hotels at the most reasonable price. Optimized to improve your visibility on search engines and bring more visitors.

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Website Builder
Payment Integration
Payment Integration Safe and secure payments.

Setup instantly. Let your guests proceed with their preferred payment method and boost your revenue. Safer, faster, and easier.

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Booking Engine Own your guests, enjoy direct bookings.

Install Extranetwork Booking Engine on your existing website in minutes and start getting direct bookings from your website visitors. Increase your profitability with commission-free direct bookings and a market-based pricing feature.

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Booking Engine