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Your property is at your fingertips.

Store and manage all your property information on one screen. Thanks to cloud-based ENW Content Manager, you can connect, change and share your property information from anywhere and anytime.

Content Manager Content Manager
Creating and managing your property profile has never been easier.

Enter your property and rooms information, rates, select the services available and upload the best photos of your property. Once you successfully create your property profile, our professionals will translate it into multiple languages.

Safe Storage

You can safely store all your property information such as room types, property facilities and amenities, rates, photos, and meal plans in our cloud.

Easy Access

You can log in to your account from either your browser or your mobile phone. You can reach and edit your hotel fact sheet, download it as PNG or share it digitally.

Professional Translation

Once you create your property profile successfully, our professional team translates it into multiple languages. So you can attract global travelers.

How it works?
Take the first step to digitalize your property.

The online travel market keeps growing. To have your seat, start with digitizing your property first. EWN Content Manager helps you to store and share all your property information digitally.