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Create tailored digital offers for your guests.

Create special offers for honeymoon, groups, meetings, events and more. Customize dates, rates, packages and special discounts and send it as a link. Track all your offers and their status easily.

Offer Creator Offer Creator
Treat your guests, increase both guest satisfaction and your conversion rate.

Wants and needs of guests vary a lot. Appeal to your potential guests with special offers tailored to their needs and sell relevant experiences. Improve guest experience while increasing your revenue.

Easy Customization

You can customize all elements on the offer page. Place relevant information, text and photos. Change dates, rates, currencies and refund policies.

Create Unlimited Offers

You can create and manage unlimited digital offers. Create templates for occasions or design separately. All up to your strategy and creativity.

Guarantee with Deposits

Guests can accept or decline your offer with a single click, make a reservation through the same link and pay your deposits. Secure bookings by getting paid before your guests show up.

How it works?
Never miss the opportunity to sell. Create offers your guests cannot refuse.

Managing hundreds of offers via calls and emails is hard and abandonment rate is quite high. Switch to digital offers, manage all of them from a single screen, track their status and get paid safely.